Share files, collaborate in real-time

Share QuickBooks, MS Access, Word, Excel and PowerPoint files with other users over the Internet, collaborate efficiently by sharing your changes in real-time. Qbox locks the file when you access it to make sure that the changes you make are protected. When you are done, Qbox syncs the changes and releases the lock automatically so another user can acquire the lock to make changes.

Share and archive all your documents

Share and archive your documents and attachments. Qbox supports documents with PDF, JPG, PNG file extensions.

Sync folders

Archive folders

Team members

Invite your company employees as team members to share all your folders and files, without the need for you to invite them to each folder. Give them admin permission so they can manage your folders, shared users and bill payments.

Group configuration

Setup Qbox folder in a 'group' configuration on a network drive so you and your team members can access the same Qbox files over your local area network. Group configuration helps reduce storage space and Internet bandwidth, as there is no need for team members to setup separate folders and sync files individually. Use the group configuration for multi-user applications like QuickBooks and MS Access, so team members can work on the files simultaneously.

Qbox Explorer

Use Qbox explorer to view and manage all your shared folders and files conveniently at one place, right on your Windows desktop. View the lock and sync status of all your files, and select several configuration options to customize Qbox for your workflow.

Qbox Web Dashboard

Sign into your Qbox account at the Qbox website to access the Qbox Web Dashboard and perform several administrative functions like roll back a file to a previous version, release lock for a locked file, add folders, send sharing invitations, manage team members or pay bills.

Versioning and roll back

Corrupted file? Changes you made are not required? Not a problem. Roll back to any of 20 versions of the file maintained in the Qbox cloud server and update the file on all shared user computers.

Our Security Measures

Qbox cloud is hosted on SOC 1 (SSAE16) audited Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data Centers.

Data at rest and data transfers are secured using the AES 256 bit encryption used by financial institutions.

Qbox payments are processed by BrainTree.