What is Qbox? [-]

  • Qbox is a desktop file sharing and collaboration software for Windows PC. Qbox supports collaboration in real time for desktop applications like QuickBooks, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access, allowing multiple users share the files over the Internet and work on them without creating conflicted copies. Qbox client software running on the Windows PC of the shared users, and the Qbox cloud server together enable sharing of the files, and changes made to the files, over the Internet. Qbox features like automatic or manual locking and syncing of the files, sharing of documents associated with the application, etc. offer a powerful, easy to use and cost effective collaboration system for users of these applications.

  • During installation, Qbox creates a folder named ‘Qbox’, a Root folder, Sync folders and Archive folders created by the account owner. Sync folders are used for sharing application data files enabling collaboration in real-time between multiple users. Archive folders are used for sharing documents that are associated with the application for archival and easy access.

Which applications and file types are supported?[+]

Which operating systems are supported by Qbox?[+]

Can I use Qbox on Mac?[+]

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How does Qbox share a file?[+]

Is the shared user’s computer required to be powered on for me to access the file?[+]

Where is Qbox cloud server located?[+]

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Whom do I contact if I have a problem?[+]