Qbox for business

Qbox is a cloud based resource for Windows which you can use to share your desktop application files over the Internet and collaborate in real time, without creating conflicted copies.

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Qbox features designed for every business

Share files and collaborate in real time

Share QuickBooks, MS Access, Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, collaborate in real time. Qboxs locks the file for you to protect your changes.

Share, archive document files

Share PDF, DOC, XLS, JPG, PNG and other types of files, archive them for future access.

Our security measures

We take security seriously, From 256-bit SSL encryption (the same technology your bank uses) to two-step authentication, we protect your information every step of the way.


I just HAVE to reach out to give kudos to you and your team. Every aspect of being a QBox User, has been a fabulous experience. a. OMG - LOVE that support ALWAYS answers the phone! (my customers and support team, probably LOVE that even more!) b. LOVE that technicians are ALWAYS knowledgeable and experienced with the product and multiple OS environments! Can't explain how wonderful it feels, to get an INTELLIGENT human being on the phone EVERY TIME!! c. LOVE that I don't have to rely on some damn support ticket system and don't get "scripted" support barriers! d. LOVE that your whole team: - Is ALWAYS friendly, helpful and thorough! - Explains things well, (EASY to understand and follow) - Patient, even when I am having "lack of logic" moments e. Even the "billing" process (easy, well detailed, non-interruptive) I have not had such a BEYOND HELPFUL "customer supportive" interaction with any company, ever! It leaves me with something to aspire to!

– Dawn Scranton, Director and Founder of AQBT, White Castle Company Inc., West Palm Beach, Florida

Over the last 6 years I have tried numerous methods/services that would enable my clients and I to have access to their QB files. These methods/services were either cost prohibitive, too difficult for my non-tech savvy clients, or just too problematic. Just about the time I was resigned to sending copies back and forth via the Internet, I was introduced to QBox and it has been wonderful. It's very inexpensive, very easy to use and have not experienced any problems at all! My only regret is that I didn't know of QBox earlier, it would have saved my clients and I a lot of frustration.

– Kim Romero, Owner, Essential Accounting and Tax Service, Kila, Montana

By the way…my staff and clients LOVE this service. Even picked up a couple of new clients thanks to Qbox. Yea for us!

– Michele, CPA CGMA, Michele A Bourcy Nelson CPA PA, Lakeland, Florida

Qbox seems to be working great! As you can tell, I am continually adding new folders and our customers have been pleased with it. Thank you for you help.

– Melvin Eaker, CPA, Gary, Bowers and Miller , Lubbock, Texas

Qbox is working BEAUTIFULLY! I’ve got two clients set up on it and more that are interested. It works with slow and/or unstable internet connections, clients that are not computer-savvy, and multiple users in different geographical locations. We LOVE it!

– Chris Surico, Owner, Surico Business Solutions, Anaheim/Bakersfield, California

We are so happy that we have found this solution for our QuickBooks clients as well as us. I can work at home and not have to deal with remote access which is so slow. Thank You, Thank You.

– Iris Hecker, EA CPF, Independent Consulting Services, Redwood City, CA

Love your product by the way. It is very easy to use for multi computer access. I can access QuickBooks from my home office as well as my real office.

– Scott Cummings, Twin Peaks Construction, Foxboro, MA

Thanks again for your help and prompt response. We love your product!

– Lea N. Halseth, CPA, Shaw Tax Consulting, Winnetka, CA

With Qbox, we finally have a solution that enables our employees, bookkeepers and clients to collaboratively update QuickBooks Company files. It solves the headaches of conflicting copies and lost data updates. We don't need to worry about driving to client office anymore, or setting up remote access to our client computers. Qbox has made it easy for us to share files with different users. Our bookkeepers can now access QuickBooks files at work or at home while working remotely.

– Owen Yap, CPA, Higashioka & Yap, LLP, San Jose, CA

Simple monthly pricing

Sync folder $9/m (or) $90/y

Archive folder $12/m (or) $120/y

Additional 10GB Storage per Folder $5/m (or) $50/y